Hi, I'm Jeff Sieu!

I enjoy good UI/UX design, and strive to develop products that not only look good, but feel good to use.

Here, I showcase some of the things I have made/done.


  • Frontend

    • Flutter
    • Next
    • React
    • Svelte
  • Backend

    • Firebase
    • NodeJS
    • Sequelize ORM
  • Web3

    • Solidity
  • Mobile

    • Android SDK
    • Flutter
  • Prototyping

    • Figma
    • GIMP
  • Languages

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • TypeScript
    • PostgreSQL
    • C
    • Dart
    • Python
    • Solidity

Other projects I've worked on

NUS Computing Club Website

React with Gatsby

The website for NUS Students' Computing Club. Made while I was the IT Secretary there.

MIPS Converter

Svelte with Typescript

Converts MIPS instructions to and from hex/binary.



A python package that solves sudoku puzzles.


React with Typescript

Perform repetitive formatting tasks on text without the pain of repetition.


Windows Forms

Add mechanical key switch noises to your boring membrane keyboard. Done for fun as a hackathon submission to Hack&Roll 2022.



An accessibility-first efficient input alternative. Created for NUSH Hack.

NUSMods Timetabler


Generate timetables for modules in National University of Singapore. Created for Hack&Roll 2021.

Ping Pong Warz


Use your phone as a controller to play ping pong on your machine. Created for iNTUition v5.0.


Next, Solidity

Adopt an NFT dog, feed real dogs in need.


React, Sequelize, Node.js

An algorithmically enhanced scheduling tool. Developed for the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Portfolio website

Svelte, Typescript

My portfolio (this website) was built with Typescript Svelte.